Tabs and Windows

New Tab + T
Close Tab or Window + W (same as many mac apps)
Go to Tab + Number Key (ie: ⌘2 is 2nd tab)
Go to Split Pane by Direction + Option + Arrow Key

Splitting | Split Window Vertically (same profile) | + D Split Window Horizontally (same profile) | + Shift + D (mnemonic: shift is a wide horizontal key)

Fullscreen | Fullscreen | + Enter

Basic Moves

Move back one characterCtrl + B
Move forward one characterCtrl + F
Delete current characterCtrl + D
Delete previous word (in shell)Ctrl + W
UndoCtrl + -

Moving Faster

Move to the start of lineCtrl + A or Home
Move to the end of lineCtrl + E or End
Move forward a wordOption + F
Move backward a wordOption + B

Search the Command History

Search as you typeCtrl + R and type the search term; Repeat Ctrl + R to loop through result


Clear the screen/pane + K
Broadcast command to all panes in window (nice when needed!) + Alt + I (again to toggle)